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Episode 3 · 5 days ago

Sporting Memories - An interview with Footballer Gareth Seddon

Medical Student Alastair Coulson interviews Salford City footballer Gareth Seddon , on his journey to professional football, sporting memories and tackling the issues of achieving and maintaining health and fitness during lockdown.

Gareth’s senior career in football has seen him score nearly 200 goals in over 450 appearances, he played for several clubs in Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands including Bury, Fleetwood, Chester and of course at Salford FC where his unstoppable goal scoring prowess was filmed for the nation to behold in the Class of 92’: Out of their league documentary series. Gareth also has caps and goals for the England Cs, having twice represented his country.

Dyneley Sporting Memories series is a group dedicated to bringing together older adults to talk about and remember sport. Through the power of sport we tackle social isolation. We help to increase the well-being of those living with low mood, dementia and other conditions.

Episode 2 · 2 weeks ago


Episode 1 · 3 weeks ago

Life as a carer